What do you March for?

So sorry for the lengthy gap between blog posts dear faithful readers!  Responsibilities at work are in the process of shifting (I hope to have more to officially say about that in the near future) and I’m currently participating in a vicious weekly battle with the real estate market of the greater Boston area.  So needless to say, I’ve had very little time to devote to all that is cloudy in the media.  Alas, the March for Science is 2 weeks away and I wanted to post something before and after this momentous day.

The March for Science is scheduled to take place on Saturday April 22, 2017, which is also appropriately Earth day.  The March will officially be held at the National Mall in Washington, DC, but there will also be sister marches in more than 425 other cities around the world.

Despite that it may seem to be, participating in the March and standing up for science is not a political issue. Yes, we need federal money to fund research grants, and yes, the government regulates that, but there exists anti-science rhetoric at both ends of the political spectrum.  Understanding that vaccines protect us from dangerous pathogens and GMOs are safe are just as important as accepting that we’ve evolved from single-celled organisms and that the Earth (with life on it) has existed long before Adam and Eve.

In preparation for the March for Science, I’ve been thinking of a making a few posters.  What do you think of these?

I may be a scientist, but one needn’t be to participate in the March.  Consider the ways science influences your life and March for that.  Here are my reasons:

I March because science isn’t just a series of classes we had to take in school,
but a way of thinking

I March because science paves the way for innovation and technological advancement

I March because we are all scientists, whether our experiments
happen in a kitchen or in a lab

I March because science holds truths about the universe we have yet to discover

I March because science (and it’s truths) exist whether I believe in them or not

What do you March for?


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