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It’s pretty safe to say that 2016 sucked a big one. Adding insult to injury, the worst day of the year for me (and likely many of you) just happened to fall on my birthday–November 9th.  But, before we slam the door on this year (and look forward to next? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯),  let’s reflect on some memorable science in the media in 2016. Continue reading Year-in-review

Reawakening the beast

bear_head_vector_illustration_thumbTaking leaping strides back, he held tight to the rock in a firm grip.  He gazed left, then right, scanning the horizon for just the right moment.  The ongoing battle in front of him means he doesn’t have much time.  Just as he reacts to a bengal tiger pouncing to his right, he sees his opening and unleashes the bomb.  The tiger doesn’t stop and plows right into his midsection.  Others join the foray and soon there’s a pile, thousands of pounds on top of him, crushing.  He might have a broken rib and he definitely lost his breath for a moment.  As the pile lessens and he’s helped up by one of his own, he shakes away the ringing in his ears, and looks up to witness his success.

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Many more than 2 “T’s” in The Big Bang Theory

The CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory is a nerdtastic comedy about a group of highly intelligent but often clueless physics guys and their wannabe actress gal pal. The later development of a pair of female characters as biologist girlfriends has mitigated some early complaints of too much sausage (though, to be fair, not very much testosterone), but it also added a much needed range of geekery to the ensemble.


One of the greatest unspoken aspects of The Big Bang Theory has been the assorted attire of the group. From Raj’s Cosby sweaters to Howard’s retro belt clips, every element of these characters’ clothing is meticulously chosen and meaningful to their personalities. My favorite clothing choice has been the various tee shirts worn by Sheldon and Leonard. Like the physicist characters that adorn them, many of these tee shirts have a scientific element (albeit mostly carbon).  Here are a few of my faves:

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Do you have any idea what the going price is for a fresh body these days?

There are three things that hit you fast when you watch The Knick, a new Cinemax miniseries directed by Steven Soderbergh. First, Clive Owen has an era-appropriate but annoying mustache. Second, the electronic, intermittently pulsing music is anachronistic – and yet it works (and is arguably the most memorable TV soundtrack since Game of Thrones). And finally, surgeries without gloves are really gross to watch even when fictional. While it would have been dangerous to be a patient at the Knickerbocker (more familiarly known as the Knick in the show), it’s entertaining and informative to watch the shenanigans of early 20th century medicine.

Not even the goriest scene thus far, but ewwwwwwww   Credit: http://www.cinemax.com/the-knick/

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