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Thing explainer explained

In his new book, Thing explainer: complicated stuff in simple words, Randall Munroe uses the top ten hundred words in the language spoken most in the world and lots of pictures to explain how some things work.  In a world with too many big words, this book is great.  However, some of the top words, simple enough alone, are still changed for others and one of the big words that tell you what the book is (marked above) isn’t even in the top words!  Despite several wrong word choices, Thing explainer hits the mark for interestingly explaining things.

courtesy of xkcd.com
courtesy of xkcd.com

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1st week with my iPhone’s new best friend

Apple Watch - 38mm silver aluminum case with white sports band
Apple Watch – 38mm silver aluminum case with white sport band

It’s been a week since my iPhone met its new best friend.  This bff sits on my wrist, taps me every once in a while, has a new set of animated emoji faces, and even tells me to get off my butt and stand up throughout the day.  My phone’s new bestie is the newest tech trend–the Apple Watch.

After placing the order on pre-order day and being told that my watch would arrive in June, I was obviously bummed.  Last week, a shipping notice arrived in my inbox, my watch would be arriving on April 24–the release day!  I’ve had the watch for a week now and thought that enough of my friends might enjoy a little review.  So here it is–the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Building little engineers this holiday season

With the holidays fast approaching and Black Friday upon us today, here are some of the best engineering toys for kids.  Each of these toys develops spatial learning and problem solving skills that can grow and build with your child.  Empowering kids with the creation of real-world structures and electronics, children and adults alike can join in the fun.  And, especially, we need to make more of an effort to inspire young girls to engage in STEM subjects and I can tell you that I would have loved to have these toys when I was a kid!

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