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Blinded by “Science”

Single from Thomas Dolby (image borrowed from  wikipedia)
Single from Thomas Dolby (image borrowed from wikipedia)

In the 1980’s Thomas Dolby sang and synthesized:

It’s poetry in motion
She turned her tender eyes to me
As deep as any ocean

As sweet as any harmony
Mmm – but she blinded me with science
“She blinded me with science!”

First, the metaphor of an intelligent woman “blinding” (confusing) a man with “science” (technical jargon) is both humorous and accurate.  Unfortunately, scientists have not made much progress in the last 30+ years to bridge the chasm that exists between us and the general public.  Of course, this song could be a topic for an entire post, but I bring up this classic 80’s tune because it appears that many people are often “blinded” not by true scientific research, but what they think is science.

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