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How MMR helps your immunity remember

measles rash
measles rash

For many years, we’ve known that measles virus infection messes with your immune system.  During infection, you are at greater risk of infections caused by other pathogens because measles thwarts the proper immune attack.  At the same time, your body makes a long-lasting response to the measles virus. This is often known as the “measles paradox”.

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How to thaw your brain

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Yesterday in the hot, hot sun, I sucked down a mango smoothie.  Immediately I stopped in my tracks, squinted my eyes, and put my hand to the pain in my forehead as I regretted my choice of beverage. In the July/August 2015 issue of Men’s Health, Dr. Jorge Serrador explains how cold beverages and foods cause this rapid-onset headache more widely known as “brain freeze”.

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