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Tending to our community garden

Perhaps the very worst aspect of humanity is our illusion of independence.  Humans have evolved into self-thinking, -centered, and -indulgent individuals that have, for the most part, lost site of the microcosm that we inhabit and that inhabit us.

“Our bodies may belong to us, but we ourselves belong to a greater
body composed of many bodies.”

-Queen Elizabeth I

on_immunity_coverEula Biss takes this social stance in her fascinating new book On Immunity: An Innoculation, which should find itself on every mothers’ reading list.   The birth of Biss’ son transformed her from a relatively fearless woman into a MOM–one who will do quite literally anything to protect her child.  Like any mother, Biss second guesses many of the decisions she has made on behalf of her son, including vaccinations. Continue reading Tending to our community garden